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Care & Cleaning

Helmet Care & Cleaning


-       Use warm water and mild soap to clean any of the face-guard             components

-       Thoroughly rinse after cleaning with cold or warm water to                   remove any soap residue.

-       Gently shake to remove excess water

-       Let air dry


-       Face-guard and it’s components should not be exposed to or            stored near common household cleaners, cleaning solvents, bug        sprays,paints, chemicals, fertilizers or liniments.

-       Do not store your Helmet in direct sunlight or in any area where      the temperature could exceed 130°F or 54°C (e.g. interior of              vehicle).

-       Do not leave exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods of         time.

Vest Care & Cleaning 


-       Where applicable remove the interior padding of the vest prior         to washing (e.g. all phoenix performance vests have removable       padding).

-       Hand wash the interior lining and pads with cold water and mild       soap

-       Hand wash your vest in cold water using a mild soap

-       Hang your vest and interior padding to air dry


-       Machine wash

-        Dry your product using heat (e.g. Dryer)

-       Do not hang to dry in direct sunlight

-       Do not bleach

-       Do not Iron

-       Do not Dry Clean